Reconnect with Yourself!

The School of the Heart Methods

The heart is an elusive concept. Historically, it has been a symbol for virtues such as courage, devotion, passion, peace of mind, and love. Also, we see schools and churches with the name “sacred heart”. The heart has always been seen as deeply important to who we are.

Why is this?

Yes, our physical hearts are fundamental and keep us alive, but to understand the true deeper significance of the heart, we must look to the example that the saints and holy men and women have left us over the course of thousands of years (continuing in modern times).

Among these saints are Teresa of Avila, Babaji of the Himalayas, Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, Anastasia of Siberia, Sri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya of India, Mother Mary, and Jesus.. to name a few.

Many of these saints are coming from different traditions and used different practices to ultimately unite with their Divine Nature. However, if we look at the one commonality of every saint- they all connect with their Divine Nature through the physical heart. Specifically, it is an energetic core or center emanating powerfully from within the heart.

Now, this may still seem like an elusive concept. That is, until we look to modern science and the research of HeartMath Institute at Stanford University. HeartMath found that the electromagnetic field the heart produces is around 1000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field produced anywhere else in the human body, including the brain. This means that by far the most powerful place in our body is within the heart.

The author and teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek was working with HeartMath, and he suggested to them that the source of the heart’s electromagnetic field is the same sacred space that the saints were connecting with, and they agreed that this likely is true.

So we have science providing clarity on just how the saints were connecting with their Divine Nature, which makes the concept of the “sacred heart” and the deeper significance of the heart more concrete and accessible to us.

The main question is: how do we connect with this sacred energetic center found within our physical heart?

As a teacher of The School of the Heart, I host Journeys into the Heart 2 day workshops in which I lead participants through many of the methods that holy men and women used to access this space, and in doing so, we connect to the Divine within us.

Let us reconnect with this sacred space of our heart!

If someone says to you, “In the fortified city of the imperishable, the body, there is a lotus and in this lotus a tiny space: what does it contain that one should desire to know it?

You must reply: “As vast as this space without, is the tiny space within your heart: heaven and earth are found in it… all this is gathered in that tiny space within your heart.”

-Chandogya Upanishad of ancient India

On the “classes” page, you will find the current classes I am offering. They are designed to provide clarity on many topics of spirituality and health and wellness, and also in many cases to help in the understanding of the core concepts of heart meditation (sacred space meditation).