The School of the Heart On-Demand Products

Egyptian Sacred Journey – 1st Initiation Meditations

In this series of 14 meditations, Daniel Mitel (Custodian Leader of The School of the Heart) leads a group through sites such as Abydos, Ahkenaten’s City, Hathor Temple at Dendara, and the Chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Join Daniel and others through the meditation recordings. These meditations are profound- we tap into the depths of the unique energies held within these sacred locations of Egypt. At the same time, we are tapping into God, the Divine within ourselves.

Intuitive Child Workshop

Intuitive Child is an on-demand workshop course for parents and their child/children, facilitated by The School of the Heart teachers.

The concept is that all children are already inherently intuitive. Throughout the workshop sessions, parents will gain information, and go through exercises and techniques to deepen their relationship with their children, and learn how to raise them in the most positive, uplifting ways, bringing out the fullness of their natural, God-given abilities.