Wisdom and Meditation Classes

Take a short time out of your busy week to be with others who seek calm, peace, tranquility, and our own inherent wisdom! These classes are a great way to unplug from noise and distractions, the “weight of the world” so to speak, and to enter into the conscious, concentrated presence of life, of the Divine, where you can enter the radiant depths of the sacred space found energetically within your physical heart.. the place where the Saints live!

About the Classes

I lead free 30 minute meditation classes on Saturdays at 2pm EST connecting us to the inner sacred space of the heart.

I also host Wisdom and Meditation classes most Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST (about an hour and a half). W & M classes include a presentation on a specific spiritual or wellness topic, followed by a sacred space of the heart meditation.

The Mindfold brand mask, or any mask that blocks out light well, is recommended for the meditations.

Hope to see you, as we create something unifying individually, and collectively!

Heart Consciousness and The School of the Heart

Wednesday  April 27, 2022  6:30pm-8pm

This online class (Zoom) is a presentation that addresses the key differences between brain consciousness and heart consciousness, and also introduces the historical as well as present purpose of The School of the Heart.

TSOTH has played, and continues to play, a central role worldwide in advancing our connection to our heart. Today, the tradition and practices live on through TSOTH teachers.

Why the heart?

The energetic center found within our physical heart is the core of who we are, and our connection to God (our Higher Self). Unfortunately, for all of modern recorded history, we have been living highly brain-dominent lives. This clearly has led to a very chaotic and disharmonic state of affairs worldwide.

That is why TSOTH teaches heart consciousness- it is a necessary step to get us back into rythm with life and within ourselves.

Join me and other participants for this important class, as we learn about heart consciousness and The School of the Heart, and then we experience a heart meditation that puts us into the sacred space of the heart- the core of who we are!

Wisdom and Meditation Zoom Class- 4/27/22: $22
Pay with Card

Inner Space of the Heart Meditation Classes

About these classes:

This is a free 20 minute meditation I lead, connecting us to what the writers of the ancient Indian Upanishads called the “Sacred Space of the heart.” This is the energetic core found within the physical heart, measured by HeartMath Institute at Stanford University as having an electromagnetic field that is 1000 times greater than the EMF of the brain.

This space is our one and only connection to God (our Higher Self)! Every Saint connected to God through this space.

Connecting with this sacred space is vital to re-connecting to who we truly are, and being in a state of true health and wellness.

Join me and other participants on Zoom for this powerful class. Please register below to receive the Zoom link. Hope to see you! 

*Donations are accepted, if you wish to contribute, on the “donations” page*